Infinity Dungeon V

Infinity Dungeon V

Uploaded: February 3, 2018
Views: 6481
Category : Role Playing
OS : iOS
Download Infinity Dungeon V v2.5.6

Infinity Dungeon V is an arcade RPG for iOS where you will explore dark dungeons and fight enemies. In this game, your main task will be to collect an invincible team and go in search of adventure. The dungeon of this game consists of several levels and the lower you descend, the more powerful enemies will appear in your path. Join the battle with the enemies and use the unique abilities of each hero to defeat the enemy and gain experience as a reward. Exchange experience to improve your abilities and replace equipment, and do not forget to collect along the way coins and crystals. Descend down to the depths of the dungeon and attack the enemies with special abilities of the heroes.

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