Super 80s World

Super 80s World

Uploaded: April 21, 2019
Views: 2295
Category : Arcade
OS : iOS
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Super 80s World is an exciting platform for iOS, where you will save the 80s from destruction. Dr. Noid Wormser hates the 1980s and has vowed to wipe them off the face of the earth. Armed with his domineering glove of death, he distorted the space and time for the realization of his sinister plan. The only one who can stop the villain is Dan Camaro who is stuck in this decade. Navigate through the numerous and varied levels of the game and bypass all obstacles in your path. Walk the path from the coin arcades to the neon glow of Miami Beach. Many obstacles will stand in your way, but only by restoring your huge collection of 80s VHS tapes, you can save the day.

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