She and The Light Bearer

She and The Light Bearer

Uploaded: June 30, 2019
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Category : Adventure
OS : iOS
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She and The Light Bearer is an exciting adventure of a little firefly in a huge world. In this game you will go on an exciting journey with the main character of the game, who will have to go into the thicket of the forest and learn all his secrets. The little firefly should earn the trust of the forest and prove its value in this world by solving numerous riddles, tasks and puzzles. In the depths of the forest, our hero recognizes the victims of the forest, the horror of the devourers and the secret of the awakening of the mother of nature. The game is made in the form of a fairy tale with interesting and numerous characters where you can interact with them and help solve problems. The game will delight players with excellent animated visuals and hand-drawn graphics. Embark on a journey and enjoy the acoustic soundtrack.

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