Zombie Deathmatch

Zombie Deathmatch

Uploaded: September 25, 2017
Views: 749
Category : Action
OS : iOS
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Zombie Deathmatch – an action that takes you to the distant future, where you will own a huge team of zombies. On earth, 2036, there came a zombie apocalypse after people came up with a new serum that turns a person into a zombie. The villain named Papa Rainbow, got this serum and created his invincible army of monsters and zombies in order to take over the whole world, do not let him do it. Turn people into zombies, because only so you can defeat the army of the villain and challenge him, fighting in the arena using various weapons and ammunition for these purposes. Each monster and zombie in this game is unique and has a unique set of qualities and characteristics, consider this in battle and lead your team to victory.

English: No
Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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